Welcome to Roku

Welcome to Roku

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Roku Com Link – Roku Activation Code – www.roku.com/link

Roku is the best streaming device in the United States as well as all over the world. Roku device is a user friendly platform and it is the best selling streaming product according to the user’s budget in the market. You must buy it, for this you need to have high speed wireless Wi-Fi internet connection. If you want Ethernet cable You can also use after this, you have to enter Roku activation code so that you can use streaming content in one place like movies. , TV episodes, drama, web series, sports, news channel.

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You need to subscribe to start entertainment activities on Roku streaming device, although you can also take advantage of free services, but if you want to enjoy long term entertainment facilities then you can subscribe like Monthly, quarterly, semi-monthly and yearly.

If you want, you can also add a subscription to the channel pack, in which Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Go, Disney comes, you can get them by visiting the channel store in Roku official website.

To get membership, first of all you need a Roku account, which you can create by going to my.roku.com/signin, you get this membership facility for free and the Roku company never charges you.

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Guidelines to access Roku account

  • To begin with, head straight towards an web browser.
  • Visit on the Address bar.
  • Then, browse my.roku.com/signin
  • On the following web page, hover to the Sign-in option.
  • If you are a new user, then click on the Create account button.
  • For sign up process, Fill the First Name, Last Name, E-mail Address and Password.
  • After that, tick on verify age, Terms and Conditions.
  • Next, verify captcha and hit the Continue button to processed the Roku account

Visit this steps for enter Roku activation code

Here are steps for enter activation code:

  • Put in the roku.com/link URL to the address bar.
  • Then hit Enter key on the keyboard of your system.
  • Now the Roku site would open.
  • Press on Sign In or Create account.
  • Put in the Roku activation code. for ex: “XD11D”
  • Hit on Submit button

Finally, you have successfully entered the activation code

Visit this steps for Setup Roku device

The below steps are Setup Roku device, you can follow them:-

  • After buying Roku product, when you want to setup it at home, then open its box.
  • Find the point to connect the device to the cable or adapter.
  • Choose a place to setup the device where there is a socket to plug the cable.
  • Now port the streaming stick to your device using HDMI cable.
  • Make sure to check the Internet and use an Ethernet cable if you have a wired connection.
  • For this, port the Ethernet cable to the router.
  • After that, then also connect your Roku device’s cable to Ethernet.
  • Next step, Turn on your TV and Visit correct HDMI point.
  • Now, Put Batteries with Roku Remote
  • Complete the required details before software updates